Accessories for polishing machines.
Ceramic abrasives, polyester, urea. All sizes
Endless sanding belts. All sizes
Balls, satellites and chopsticks, stainless steel
Suction hood
Sandpaper brushes - All sizes
Sisal brushes. All sizes
Centering pins. Various types and sizes
White and brown corundum. All grains
Khaki discs h/e, stitched, white, flannel, sisal-kaki. All sizes
Ventilated discs. All sizes
Abrasive mesh disc. Flap 200 mm. ventilated, coarse or fine
Steel, wire and stainless steel shot.
Garnet / Garnet for Waterjet cutting machines
Anti-abrasion blasting gloves
Neoprene, nitrile, pvc, leather gloves
List of Enthone-Omi brand chemical bath products
Glass microsphere
Polishing pastes: honing, grauer, polishing, pink steel
Polishing machines, accessories
Belt tensioning pulleys
Vienna Lime
Brushes w/ handle tampico, nylon, pita, steel
Liquid glue
Anti-acid leather apron
Chemical, ultrasonic, electrolytic degreasing.
Felt discs - All sizes
Solvent glue, bottle
Steel, brass and nickel silver
Cellulose masks
Oxidation of brass, leather bath, old silver.
Hell tallow paste
Pumice powder
Abrasive roll, fine, medium or coarse mesh
Sawdust corncob
Cleaning wipe